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last half a year i have been playing the game magic: the gathering, which is you have to buy cards and put them together, to play the game.

i will put more details on these decks later, but here are some commander decks i made:

the gitrog monster

it's a deck based on sacrificing lands to draw cards as is the way of the gitrog monster. i am going to take out the cards that rely on number of creatures in graveyard, maybe, because i feel like there are rarely enough creatures in graveyard to make it worth it. need to find a card that can get a sorcery/instant out of the graveyard, i think that would be useful for this deck

-put living death in?

depala pilot exemplar

a vehicle deck with dwarves. i wanted to make a deck where the "seven dwarf" cards get into vehicles, and then by nature of magic having one billion cards and miracle i found out there's a dwarf/vehicle commander. pretty cool deck that is probably better for 1v1 games but it is fun.

-replace a board clear w/phyrexian rebirth?



now some decks i am working on rn:

grenzo dungeon warden

how i make decks is i look up "weirdest edh decks" and scroll till i see something i think i would like. this guy seems cool so i'm gonna make a deck with him. it's based mostly on an online decklist and i'll go from there

skeleton ship

this card is cool cuz it has skeletons riding turtles on it. trying to make a -1/-1 counters deck with it.

i have decided to make this a morph deck plus as much goofy stuff as i can pack into it.

-needs storage lands for proliferate means

-needs ramp

-a bit of board clear would be nice (phyrexian scriptures?)

-turn control. chaos

traxos scourge of kroog

colorless !!

-needs card draw

-needs that search for construct card

-war room, bonders enclave, more colorless lands

-herald’s horn


also working on another deck, and want to make a spider tribal deck but i'm trying to cut down mtg spending for a couple months, so that'll hafta wait.

~idi blasks

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