idi's goals

idi blasks goals

write a song

-this is an everlasting goal because every time i write a song i wanna write another one

-i ordered i new keyboard synth that'll be here soon, which gave me an additional goal:

-get my little drumkit/patternmaker sampler reset to the default sounds. this is weirdly hard; i think i have to find an aux cable and turn on my old phone / buy an adapter for my new phone, then hope their weird app still works and use it to do the reset.

-once i get both of these working i could play a little background drum machine and play synth over that. like a real musicfolk!

make a new zine

-right now i am writing a poem a day.

-i also have many poems from last summer that were never printed

-i want this zine to be different than the last one

-i want to put a short story in the zine but i haven't written any

-i drew up a cover page for this zine, need to find that

-UPDATE: the zine is in progress but i've stalled out, need to return to it. have about 5 pages made

make a comic

-my last comic was released 2 or 3 years ago

-making comics (at least for me) is the most time-consuming art form, although it is rewarding

-i really want to use what i've picked up since the last one, i think i could do good

-i don't have many ideas for this right now. i drew a hot frankenstein's monster the other day that i think could be a good main character?

get into a phd/mfa program

-i sent out 11 (i think) applications this past fall

-i won't find out till spring if i got in to any of them

-once i find out where i got in, i'll have to decide which one to go to

-big needs: a stipend i can live on and healthcare

-UPDATE: i got into one of these but the money isn't good enough to go (shoulda read up on that b4hand). still waiting on a few!

get therapy

-only been to therapy once in my life

-although i feel generally positive about my life and myself, i recognize there are things in my past and present worth working through

-i need to see if my current insurance covers therapy, and where

get the quest cape on runescape ***COMPLETE!***

-i have one quest, Song of the Elves, to finish ***COMPLETE***

-i need 70 agility to do song of the elves ***COMPLETE***

-to complete Mage Arena II, i have to kill three bosses in the wilderness: Porazdir, Justiciar Zachariah, and Derwin ***COMPLETE***

-i also need 70 construction to do song of the elves ***COMPLETE***

-i want to get 65 fishing to complete the Kandaran Hard Diary, which will let me train agility a certain way ***COMPLETE***